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CSH - Seasonal Herb Boxes

$500.00 Regular price $125.00
Unit price

CSH - Seasonal Herb Boxes

$500.00 Regular price $125.00
Unit price

OHG has a CSH - Community Supported Herbalism!

Modeled after a produce style CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) - here's an opportunity to support your local herb farmers, herbalists, and your health & wellness!

Instead of receiving a box of fresh veggies, you'll receive a seasonal box of exclusive OHG apothecary items. 

By purchasing your share upfront, you help us offset the cost of seeds, dial in our crop plan, and get a jump start to our season. 

Seasonal Herb Boxes

  • Receive four Seasonal Herb Boxes shipped to your home on or around each Equinox and Solstice
  • Each box includes 7-9 handcrafted herbal products thoughtfully curated to support you throughout the season.
  • Boxes contain member exclusive products, a product guide with added seasonal inspiration, and exclusive discount codes
  • Boxes are expected to arrive on or around March 20th, June 21st, September 23rd, and December 21st

What can you expect to find in the box? 

This will vary each season and depend on what is abundant in our garden and where we forage. Herbs we don't grow ourselves are sourced from other small Oregon growers and wildcrafters who share our commitment to using sustainable & regenerative growing methods along with ethical & responsible foraging practices. 

You will mostly see items we currently don't offer anywhere else - things like herb infused & skin nourishing cold process soap, herbal tea blends, oxymels, herbal salts, hydrosols, etc. 


Each box is $125, totaling $500, but we offer a $25 discount to those who pay for the whole season up front. This price includes the cost of domestic shipping.

We are only offering a limited number of shares this season and shares are first come first serve.

We're really looking forward to sharing these boxes with our local and online community! Thank you for your continued support and for allowing us to be a part of your wellness journey. We say this often, but it takes a village and we're incredibly thankful for ours 💜









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