Spearmint Flower Remedy
Spearmint Flower Remedy
Spearmint Flower Remedy
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Spearmint Flower Remedy

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Assists in uplifting those who feel detached from the physical world or unable to engage or relate with humanity.

Spearmint flower essence is for those who struggle with the realities of our physical world. Our current world is full of all sorts of pathogens and pollutants. With technology on the rise, electromagnetic radiation is becoming a rising concern, and most recently, the world is facing a global pandemic. Not to mention the amount of extreme personality types, and varied belief systems that cause conflict and separation amongst us delicate humans. This can be overwhelming, and cause some to hide away from the world. People drawn to the Spearmint Essence usually are sensitive to these things and have drawn back from the world. This behavior is usually stemming from their resistance to face their own shadow or trauma.

To enter the world again with a new outlook and positive mindset, there is a path that one must take. This path will lead us to the darker side of ourselves - our shadow. The personality that is drawn to the spearmint flower essence is usually the one that will turn away from this, afraid to face their shadow. This Essence will give the motivation needed to face this and bridge the gap between the spiritual and physical world, allowing us to express our divinity into the physical world.

Spearmint flower essence brings a breath of fresh air and clears away anything that is holding them back. Just smelling the spearmint plant can uplift your mood and clear sinuses and breathing pathways. The essence embodies this energy of clearing and takes it to deeper levels of the body and spirit.

Good For:

  • Highly spiritual and conscious individuals who struggle with the outside world
  • Those sensitive to 5G and electromagnetic radiation
  • Feeling closed off and in need of a reboot to open up
  • Looking to face your inner shadow

**This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.**

Comes in a 1oz glass dropper bottle filled with Certified Organic Glycerin (Derived from Flax), Purified Spring Water, & Spearmint (Mentha spicata) Flower Essence.